The South African Wind Energy Association is a Non-Profit Organisation that has been operating in South Africa for more than 15 years (Registered in 2004). We represent the interests of the wind energy sector, with a focussed on:

  • Advocacy for the implementation of ambitious, consistent SA energy policy that harnesses the country's immense wind resource and results in the streamlined growth of a wind power asset base;
  • Facilitation and promotion of excellent practice in the associated localisation, socio-economic and economic development and transformational areas of wind power;
  • Endorsement and recognition of excellent operational practice in the generation of wind power;
  • Provision of pertinent information to current and prospective investors seeking to enter the SA wind power market;
  • Provision of up-to-date, dependable public information on the socio-economic contributions of the wind industry – particularly in relation to rural development, women and youth;
  • Through Wind power, the promotion of renewable power as a direct contribution to the achievement of national development plans and climate change objectives;
  • Promotion of wind and renewable power investment in Africa through partnership and dialogue both within South Africa and the region.
  • 100 Member companies across the Wind Energy Value Chain, including IPPs, Developers, Wind Farm Companies, Consultants, Investors, Logistics, Research & Academia.